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9-10 Differentiated Visual Tools for Literature: The Works!

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This program provides 42 DVTs designed for teaching specific Common Core 9-10 ELA standards for reading and writing about 9th and 10th grade literature. Key literacy standards (e.g., Vocabulary, Figurative Language, Theme Analysis, Character Analysis, Text Structure, Point-of-View Analysis, Cross-genre/medium Comparisons, Author Use of Source Material, Poetry/Song Lyric Analysis, and Informative/Explanatory, Narrative, and Argumentative Writing) is addressed by both Tier 1 and Tier 2 instructional resources. These include Step-by-Step Stratagems (detailed lesson plans & instructional guides), Power Point files and Fillable PDF Forms of DVTs, Summative and Formative Assessment Rubrics, and samples of how teachers have used DVTs across a range of literary works commonly addressed in grades 9 and 10 English/Language Arts Classes.