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Interactive Frames™ features a series of digital Frames™ in the form of interactive Adobe PDF files with embedded interactive text boxes and ready-to-use Power Point files with built-in animation features as well as samples of how teachers have used each of them. Because they are digital files, teachers or students can use a keyboard to type information directly into the text boxes on the Frame™.

Likewise, you can email copies of the Frames™ to students, so they can use them when completing assignments outside the classroom, and students can submit the completed work electronically. When you develop a Frames™ for specific instructional units, you can save your completed (or partially completed) Frames™ to a folder that contains other related unit information and files. The Power Point versions are ideal for use with White Boards, Promethium Boards, and LCD projectors when displaying a Frames™ to a class and developing the information on it during a class activity. The interactive PDF file versions of the Frames™ work with Macs, PCs and most importantly tablets such as iPads. These are ideal for “paperless” schools. The blackline versions are more appropriate for printing hard copies to share with your students.

The Interactive Frames™ software license is for a single–user (teacher). The licensed user may make and distribute copies of Frames™ to students for whom they are responsible for teaching, but they may not be shared with non-licensed teachers or students not on the licensed teacher’s role. Multi-teacher license versions of the software may be uploaded to the school’s network service or cloud service so that licensed teachers and students can access them from home or classrooms.

Single-user license available for immediate download at www.MakesSenseStrategies.com.

For information about multi-user licenses or bulk purchases of the program, please contact Edge Enterprises, Inc. (www.EdgeEnterprisesInc.com).