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History / Social Studies

6-8 Differentiated Visual Tools for HISTORY Reading and Writing Core Standards

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  • 50 different History DVTs. (color and blackline Microsoft Word documents are provided for each History DVT).



The 6-8 Differentiated Visual Tools for HISTORY Reading and Writing Core Standards consist of a collection of interactive discipline-specific visual tools designed to address content standards associated with learning essential understandings of generative ideas in history / social studies. Thus, the program includes DVTs designed to address key essential understandings associated with the following topics:

  • Events
  • People or Groups
  • Issues / Conflicts
  • Processes

Individual DVTs are also designed to target specific Common Core Language Arts Standards and Career and College Readiness Standards for reading and writing about history / social studies as well as evaluating information. Specific DVTs are provided for addressing specific literacy standards within three categories:

  • Inferences, Summaries, Comparisons, and Causal Relationships
  • Analyzing Author’s Point-of-View, Reasoning, and Use of Evidence
  • Writing and Researching.

These visual tools are particularly useful when addressing literacy standards that are especially challenging to teach because the DVTs enable teachers to SEE how the complex standards can be addressed in relatively simple ways. The embedded prompts on the DVTs cue students to engage in specific thinking processes designed to facilitate their performance.

The program includes ready-to-use color and blackline Microsoft Word files for each DVT. The interactive color DVTs are designed for Smart Boards, Promethium Boards, or LCD projectors. The interactive blackline masters are designed for printing hardcopies. These are digital files and thus may be emailed to students or parents and/or saved to students’ electronic portfolios.

Note: These visual tools are organized by grade-level standards. This software toolkit is also appropriate for use with struggling learners placed in higher grades but whose developmental functioning is more equivalent to 6-8 grade levels, thus are ideal for differentiating instruction based on the developmental needs of high and typical  achieving students as well as those who are struggling learners.

The licensed user (teacher) may make and distribute copies of the History DVTs to students for whom s/he is responsible for teaching, but the DVTs may not be shared with non-licensed teachers or students not on the licensed teacher’s role. The software may be loaded on the licensed-teacher’s classroom computers (with the exception of computer labs) and on the teacher’s personal computer.

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